“Today, we are going through a critical period in time. We are a nation with an ancient culture, which is now facing the threat of extinction. We need your help, the international community's help, to protect our culture. Our culture is one of the heritages of the world. Protecting an ancient culture like this is the responsibility not only of the concerned nation, but also of the world community as a whole.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Markell Kiefer

2011 Media Alert (PDF)

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2011 FAQ Sheet (PDF)

"One Heart, One Mind, One Universe"

For more information about the University of Minnesota's "One Heart, One Mind, One Universe" event, please visit their website or call 612-624-2345

Endorsement, Articles, and Reviews

“TigerLion Arts is a talented and well-managed organization, with an inspiring mission to ‘celebrate human wisdom and the spirit of Nature through creative works that awaken, inform and delight.’ All productions are of the highest quality. Thus it is with confidence and anticipation that we partner on KIPO! as an essential cultural dimension to this momentous weekend of high visibility activities.”

Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, FAAN, RN
Founder and Director
Center For Spirituality & Healing
Full Article

“After over a decade of working tirelessly to promote Tibetan culture and tradition, TigerLion Arts is now planning the world premiere of KIPO! which will feature our finest performers from the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts…In 2009 we had the joy of assisting TigerLion Arts with its wonderful production of The Buddha Prince…it left all who saw it delighted and amazed, and most importantly, educated and concerned about the situation in Tibet. After such a success, we are excited for the coming of KIPO!”

Lobsang Nyandak
Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Full Article

“KIPO! promises to be a rich celebration of traditional Tibetan song and dance, and the community-based workshops will facilitate cross-cultural experiences and greater understanding among participants…we anticipate that this unique learning opportunity will be of enormous benefit to all.”

Daniel Myers, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
University of Minnesota School of Music
Full Article

“Markell Kiefer is one of the most exciting young artists working in the North American dharma scene today. She has a vision for the transformative power that can come from joining theatre, meditation and community building, and judging by her production of The Buddha Prince, and now the new work KIPO!, she has the talent to pull it off. Her TigerLion Arts company achieves high artistic quality in an environment that exudes youthful energy, diversity and fun.”

James Gimian
Publisher, Shambhala Sun

“Circus of Spirit”

Utne Reader
Full Article

“KIPO! Whether you're in Tibet or Minneapolis, it means Happy!”

Shambhala SunSpace
Full Article

“May Citylicious - A taste of what's happening around the world this month”

Delta Sky Magazine
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“Excitement builds for Dalai Lama visit”

Star Tribune
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“Onstage spotlight: Tibetan cultural circus”

Star Tribune
Full Article

“Show focuses on joy in Tibet”

Pioneer Press
Full Article

“Celebrating Tibetan Culture. KIPO! – a circus of spirit, song, and dance will premiere during the visit of the Dalai Lama”

Mandala News Magazine
Full Article

“The Dalai Lama's visit to the Twin Cities is cause for celebration in a showcase of Tibetan song and dance ”

Mpls St Paul Magazine
Full Article

“Get thee to Rarig, 'cause KIPO! is Fabulous!”

MN Playlist Audience Review
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