Cast & Crew

Director/Writer Markell Kiefer
Writer/Creator/Set Designer Tyson Forbes
Writer/Creator Sam Elmore
Writing Advisor/Contributor Andrew Schelling
Lead Composer Dick Hensold
Composer Jason Hansen
Music Director/Community
Chorus Director
Norah Long
Choreographer Kimberly Richardson
Costume Designer Christine A. Richardson

Production Team

Executive Producer Markell Kiefer
Producer/Tech Director Tyson Forbes
Tour & Company Manager Nathan Gebhard
Stage Manager Megan Dougherty*
Assistant Stage Manager Chelsie Newhard
Community Outreach Coordinator Katia Cardenas
Marketing & Fundraising Manager Robin Gillette
Fiscal Consultant Jeremiah Zortman
Finance Sawmill Private Management

The Ensemble

Tyson Forbes* as Ralph Waldo Emerson
Michael Wieser* as Henry David Thoreau
Shana Berg, Kevin Fanshaw, Andrew Forbes, Nathan Gebhard, Markell Kiefer, Aeysha Kinnunen*, Norah Long*, Chelsie Newhard, Tony Sarnicki, Matt Sciple and Laurie Witzkowski.

*Member of Actors Equity Association