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Nature opened on August 20th, 2010 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Thousands of people attended twenty performances. The following are comments from those who attended.

Audience Response: 

"We have gone to many plays and both agree this is one of the best we've seen. Everything about the play was magical." Read More

"It's hard to say what I enjoyed more – Was it Thoreau's and Emerson's words themselves spoken so clearly under the blue sky, out in the field and under the trees?" Read More

"It was unique, creative, informative, and both moving and funny." Read More

"I can't stop thinking about it and telling people about it." Read More

"I loved the smell of grass that we were invited to sit in. It was brilliant, touching, funny, and deeply moving."

"The music was so suited for this space. It was like the earth was singing."

"I loved being in Nature; the energy, the dynamic nature of the production made my heart sing. Wow! So playful."

Articles and Reviews:

"Nature is brilliant! Tyson Forbes seems to channel Ralph Waldo Emerson. The portrayal of Emerson's friendship and conflicts with Thoreau brings out the luminosity of their ideas and shows us why they are still relevant today. The experience of watching Nature in a natural setting adds a physical dimension to the experience, one that will entertain and delight. I was transported to another time and place and enjoyed every second of it."
Alan Briskin
Ph.D. and co-author of "The Power of Collective Wisdom"

"It was as though the natural world had taken notice of this homage to its virtues and hit its cues perfectly in gratitude."
City Pages
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"These are two of the first people in Americas history who gave voice to a transcendent experience of nature"
KFAI Radio Interview with Tyson Forbes
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"An experience that will transport the audience to another time and become a catalyst for each to consider their own relationship with nature."
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"Emerson and Thoreau, and their indissoluble bond with the natural world resonate stronger than ever in our obligatorily environmental culture."
MN Daily
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"It was the most amazing performance,..."
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"It came more from the heart than the head."
Victoria Townsquare Herald
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"Taking a Cue from Nature"
Mandala, Katlyn Myrvold, New Media Communications at CSH
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"The effect on the audience was magical,…"
Chaska Herald, Unsie Zuege, Staff Writer
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